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Welcome to the Hazel Farm Weather site. 

Hazel Farm is in Somerset and is  situated on the northern aspect of the Mendip Hills overlooking the Chew Valley and less than a mile south of the village of Compton Martin. It lies at an altitude of 246 meters. 
The weather is recorded on a Davis Vantage Pro 2 automatic
weather station. (See photo right).

The data is sent by wireless transmitter to a console and data logger. 
This is then uploaded to this site every 15 minutes.
The equipment is well sited for most purposes though for recording the wind direction and speed it is less than ideal if the wind is from the east.

We also have a section detailing the highs and lows of our construction of a Natural Swimming Pool. Each stage of the building process is shown together with accompanying photographs. (See relevant page).  

In the meantime I hope that the data may be of interest to people.
Please remember that this is an amateur site and whilst the data is very accurate, decisions 
requiring current and historical weather data should not be made using this data alone.

Also, please note that the data displayed does not use the UK meterological day of 09:00 to 09:00. Instead, it uses the American standard of midnight to midnight.

Should you require any further information on anything on the site then please get in touch using the Contact Page, and I'll get back to you.

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Current weather conditions:  

Apologies for the fact that the data doesn't update on the lefthand side of the main page. PLEASE IGNORE ALL THE WRITTEN DATA ON THE LEFTHAND SIDE OF THIS PAGE.The graphs are fine, the written data not. As well, all the data in graph and table form in the "Past Weather Conditions" below is reliable and accurate. I'm working on it! An incompatibility with Windows 10 I believe!   As a result there are some gaps in the past data.


 In graph and table form:

A summary of the highs and lows for the current month and year.

In table form:

This month:  This gives a day by day breakdown of all aspects of the weather for the last month.

Last month:  Ditto but for last month.

Last year:

Summary of the year to date:  

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